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Plug the device directly into you PC (not through a USB hub) Check Windows detects the device; If built into a wheel, check windows detects the inputs from the wheel (control panel devices and printers. right click on the device->game controller settings->properties) Check UGT Manager detects the device without a sim running. Powered by Asetek liquid cooling technology, the refreshed Kraken X-3 series (available in mm, mm, and mm configurations) improves on the iconic RGB infinity mirror design by enlarging the size of the ring. An upgraded cap is now rotatable to ensure correct orientation of the NZXT logo, accommodating more builds. List any other USB devices plugged into the PC? What is your operating system? Does Windows detect the device? Is the device built into a wheel? If built into a wheel, does windows detect the inputs from a wheel (control panel devices and printers. right click on the device->game controller settings->properties) Asetek SimSports.

Asetek usb device.UGT Support | Asetek Simsports

Once in your Windows Control Panel, select the "View Devices and Printers" option: Under the "Unspecified" section in this menu, you will see some devices listed here. Right-click and select "Remove device" for any devices labeled as Asetek USB Device, MCP USB Serial Port Emulator, NZXT USB Device, USBC HID Device, or Unknown USB Device. (I don't have a HUE+) The only solutions that I have found so far are: a) Go in to device manager and, right click, hit "USB controllers", then right click "Asetek USB Device" then "Update Driver Software" > "Browse for driver software on your computer" > "Let me pick from a list " and reinstall it from there. This is the current state on supporting (other) "bare" 5th generation Asetek coolers like the EVGA CLC CL12, and (#16): NZXT Kraken X31, X41 or X61 (#3); and other Asetek LC devices Please test/debug the changes in this pull request – i.e. branch add-second-gen-krakens – and report back. I suggest trying features in the following order: Status: liquidctl status Fixed.

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Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. While debugging or submitting error reports, consider using --debug ; it will dump a bunch of useful or less so information, including all libusb calls. If you need to reset the controller for some reason, just power off the device or the computer completely, ensuring no USB power even standby is available to the cooler.

Finally, if you're on Windows, you might need a different kernel driver in addition to the libusb runtime libraries. But this should only be the case if the device doesn't already use the Microsoft HID one. If that's the case, please let us all know and you can install a suitable driver with Zadig. Setting the LEDs is not possible for now, as command for it is currently being used to trigger status responses from the cooler.

Additionally, since aesthetics are the main difference between the various flavors of the base model, this might also cause the status command to fail on the EVGA devices. The recommend way to experiment with this is directly through git, since you'll have easier access to inspect and modify the code.

But you can also use pip:. KeithMyers I ended up answering you first messages on I don't know all the possibilities for color modes and everything, but I did add a logo color changer to my own version that works for the Kraken x Just noticed a bug, calling status or pump speed resets my fan speed and can hear them spin down as soon as command is issued. Kraken x61, Windows Added information from EVGA CLC captures and remove the extended pre opening sequence that doesn't seem necessary or supported on these devices.

As usual, --debug output can sometimes help me, and you can reset the cooler by cutting all including USB power to it. Changing commands for the write to [0x14, 0, 0, 0] has broken it for me, will either timeout or give wrong values for status.

Have you tried more temperature—duty points e. I'm thinking of using the 0x14 command as a test for the appropriate operating mode. Change back to self. Still times out first time like clockwork. I'm pretty confident it will be possible to support it without any quirks, apart from requiring a call to initialize after every boot, which is something a few other devices already require.

I might also receive a X61 for testing in the next few weeks. These, on the hand, are ugly: we haven't yet found a way to query the state of the cooler or its firmware version without first changing a setting.

One way to manage this insanity is to save our settings persistently somewhere, so that we at least change things to what they already were supposedly. Finally, this branch will get rebased soon, as two-hid-backends is almost ready for the master branch, and that changes the underlying driver hierarchy.

So does this mean that the add-second-gen-krakens branch will be deprecated or absorbed into the master branch? This branch will remain with ongoing work for the Krakens. This branch remains for ongoing work to support the second generation of Krakens and other LC devices. Thanks for the notification. Already grabbed the latest master branch and installed. Everything AOK. Skip to content. New issue. Jump to bottom. Support for other Asetek LC coolers 7 jonasmalacofilho wants to merge 1 commit into master from add-second-gen-krakens.

Conversation 20 Commits 1 Checks 0 Files changed. Copy link Quote reply. Areas under work at the moment: minimal interference for getting the cooler's status setting fan and pump speeds independently of each other, at different times, and without resorting to a daemon possibly allowing custom fan curves based on liquid temperature, running directly on the device Setting the LEDs is not possible for now, as command for it is currently being used to trigger status responses from the cooler.

View changes. MacOS Support 9. Copy link. Still having issues executing the setup. Member Author. Status is just after the operation and then again after few seconds. Made a few changes.. Edit: To be clear using Kraken x And thank you all for testing and reporting back! Fresh reboot printing out return message, using self. Just a quick update, since it's been a while since I updated this branch Revert to a configuration message instead of 0x14 to read status ….

Loading status checks…. The Krakens do not reliably respond to 0x Add support for setting fan profiles on all legacy LC devices …. Finally, on legacy devices initialize now applies a linear profile that should be reasonable enough for a default. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. Linked issues. Add this suggestion to a batch that can be applied as a single commit. This suggestion is invalid because no changes were made to the code.

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